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Universal Life Church ministers perform all different types of weddings from formal and traditional ceremonies to laid-back weddings with fun themes. You are encouraged to create a unique wedding. Your minister, BeataHunt, will ensure that the basic requirements all ceremonies must meet are included.

In order for a marriage to be legally binding, the wedding ceremony itself must include two key elements. The first is the Declaration of Intent this is most commonly recognized as the 'Do you take... I do' exchange. The second is the Pronouncement, where you will be pronounced officially married. While most weddings will involve additional elements, these segments constitute the bare minimum for a legal ceremony. Beata will make sure they are covered.

Crafting an entire wedding script on your own can be an intimidating task. Don't worry, to help simplify things there are multiple scripts that may be used in whole or in part for your ceremony. All you need to do is select which type of ceremony you'd like performed and provide some basic information. Beata will do the rest for you!

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